Monday, 25 May 2015

Marcus Jordan Is Pursuing Business Opportunities In A Number Of Fields

Marcus Jordan is one of the sons of one of the most famous athletes in the world, if not the most famous. Michael Jordan for years graced the public with a style of basketball that was as skillful as it was physical, as gritty and it was determined. Michael Jordan set an impossibly high standard for basketball, and Marcus Jordan dutifully set out following in his footsteps. Of course, no one can match Michael Jordan—but his son Marcus was quite a talent, that much was obvious even from a relatively young age. By the time he reached high school, Marcus Jordan was playing at a very high level indeed, helping his Whitney Young Magnet High School basketball team to its best-ever finish, even winning the Illinois 4A State Championship in his senior year.

Marcus Jordan's talents eventually landed him at the University of Central Florida, which then had an up-and-coming basketball program. Marcus Jordan in his freshman year was named to the Conference USA All-Freshman Team and continued to be an integral part of the team throughout his time there. In his following two years he started reliably and averaged 15.2 and 13.7 points per game in his Sophomore and Junior seasons. When his teammates moved on from college, Marcus moved on from the basketball team, though he continued taking classes as UCF.

Today, Marcus Jordan is pursuing business opportunities in a number of fields, including his own fashion line. He is committed to running his own venture and is committed to excellence in every project.